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John and Liz have developed an innovative instructional method and detailed curriculum that has molded champion dancers of the past, present, and future. They are equally acknowledged for their ability to provide accessible and entertaining salsa dance instruction for the social dancer!

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Check out our Salsamania Dance Company gear. Represent the dance company with our new mask and more gear will be available soon.

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Complete Training Library

Online Class: Advanced On2 Footwork (Aug 2020)

Online Class: Beginner Pachanga (Aug 2020)

Online Class: Int. On1 Footwork (July 2020)

Online Class: Int. On2 Footwork (July 2020)

Online Class: Adv. On2 Footwork (July 2020)

Fundamentals for All Levels

Beginning / Intermediate Footwork

Intermediate / Advanced Footwork

Intermediate Partnering Techniques

Intermediate / Advanced Partnering Vol. 1

Intermediate / Advanced Partnering Vol. 2 + Pachanga Footwork

Intermediate / Advanced Partnering Vol. 4

Running a Successful Dance Company

Interested in starting your own production company, competitive team, or instructional organization? Want to take your existing dance business to the next level? John & Liz can help! We’ve put together a collection of tutorials, advice, and resources based on over 20 years of experience.

We also offer customized consulting services. Send us a message or give us call and we’d be happy to discuss a personalized program to fit your specific needs!